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A Weekend Food Program
For Chronically Hungry Children
In The Kenton County School District


The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines food insecurity as “households that are uncertain of having, or unable to acquire, enough food to meet basic needs of all their  members  because of insufficient money or other resources.”

When the guardian of a child has to choose between food and other necessities because he doesn’t have enough money, it is an indicator of food insecurity.

Because of circumstances in their homes, some children are “chronically hungry.” 
They will be anxious for the meal to be served, will rush the food lines and eat whatever is presented to them.  They will linger for seconds.

Physically, they will exhibit the signs of vitamin or food deficiencies including puffy, itchy skin, thinness, dry itchy eyes, redness around the lips, and/or cracked lips.

Their school performance also suffers.  There may be excessive absences, poor behavior, difficulty in forming friendships, and a short attention span.

None of these characteristics is necessarily caused by poor nutrition, but they are cause for considering chronic hunger as a possible cause.



Food For Thought provides weekend food for the Chronically Hungry children within The Kenton County School District.

During the week, these children are able to receive free and reduced breakfasts and lunches at school, but on Friday, they may go home to very little to eat until Monday morning.

Modeling our program on the successful Feeding America Backpack Program, we are providing packages of food to be distributed on Friday afternoons.  The school personnel determine which children need help and work with their families to help them take advantage of this program and other resources in the community.

Because of the generosity of local foundations, churches and individuals, we are able to serve 175 children each week during the school year.  The cost is approximately $5 per week per student. Our packages include serving-size juice, shelf-stable milk, entrees, fruits, cereal, lunch items and miscellaneous snacks.

All low-income families in The Kenton County School District have access to Action Ministries and the Family Resource Coordinators within the schools encourage them to take advantage of the food we have to offer.   The school personnel see this program as a bridge into the families to connect them with all the other resources of the community which are available to them.